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"A soldier of the renowned Dawnbreak Order, the world's frontier against demons and those who worship them, finds himself with something inside him. That something is you. As a weakened demon of Lust, you are bound to this soldier and must accompany him through both joy and hardship while using your powers to help influence him and those around him."

Demons Within is a furry, adult visual novel where you see the world through the eyes of Resnick, a simple wolf soldier fighting to make the world better. Accompany the wolf from within as he interacts with his companions, friends... and enemies.

In Demons Within, you will:

  • Accompany Resnick in an involving story to learn the truths of the world as it stands from within him.
  • Use your emotion-based powers to influence the wolf and those around him at key moments of the story to change their behavior in different ways. It's up to you to either help or hinder the wolf, setting him on the path you want to see him on.
  • Witness plenty of spicy scenes! As a demon of Lust, making him feel Lust makes you stronger, and becoming stronger is essential to increase your influence...

Demons Within is developed and written as a standalone, individual project by me, Sleth. My craft has always been writing stories and Demons Within is a new way to express this special story! This is why Demons Within aims to feel more like a 'novel' than anything else. You won't find some things you usually see in visual novels here, such as character routes, but hopefully, you'll like what you see nevertheless!

If you'd like to see more of what I've written in the past or other games I've made, you can do so on my website!

The beautiful sprite art you see in this project is made by the incredibly talented artist, Blain!

Support Demons Within!

   Support me!

If you'd like to support the creation and continuation of Demons Within, as well as get insider information about its world and development, you can do so by supporting it on Patreon!

Note: Demons Within is currently in development, which means that everything seen before the game is complete is not final and subject to change.

Updated 11 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(146 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Erotic, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Medieval, Singleplayer, storygame, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksPatreon, Homepage


DemonsWithin-2.0.1-pc.zip 88 MB
DemonsWithin-2.0.1-mac.zip 73 MB
com.sleths.demonswithin-release.apk 92 MB

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Yusss android version 

Thx now i can play it whenever i want :)


A bit too wordy, but the concept is good. Not sure if the plot actually branches, or just pretends to.


An incredibly polished experience in terms of art assets, soundtrack and UI, with very refreshing gameplay ideas, a cool setting and very likable characters. I had a lot of fun with it.

Admittedly, being an ass man myself, I can't say I've gotten into the sexual stuff as much as I would like, yet the writing ends up making a lot of it at least somewhat appealing for me, specially with the more passionate/intimate things, the kinkier stuff (olfactophilia and the like) and the alternative for more extreme scenes, which are also quite refreshing for the genre and usually fun to read.

Definitely looking forward to the next release, and keep up the good work!

Is there a place where I can find the ost list?


Sorry, not yet! I might do this at some point when the list gets a little bigger!

hello, the game is cute! I generally prefer more visual genres but you gave me that minimum of visualization to turn on my imagination while I read! Can I make a suggestion? I do not know if in the future you will insert images and then a Gallery with images every sexual act or interaction (love) between the characters, but if in case you do not make these images and leave everything like this, I can tell you that I would like in some way (the one you prefer) know with which characters I can have interactions, otherwise I play and replay the game thinking that I can use the powers on the bear or on my captain! I hope I was clear! until now there are two hot scenes and 4 interactions and the characters are 5, right? : D

Thank you! :)

A gallery that allows the player to review memories they've seen and easily replay some key scenes from it is high on my to-do list as I think that's an essential part of making the experience smoother. It should be coming in one of the next updates!

I'll keep in mind how to give the player some knowledge of what they can and can't do. While I believe that exploring the game and its options to find everything is part of the fun, I understand and share that sentiment as well! I promise I'll do my best to judge what'll be the best course of action in that regard. :) I do have some possible ideas on how to approach it.


The big bear is everything plz more of him..

We had a poll on Patreon on whether people wanted to see more of him or of a certain tiger first, and our bear won 55% to 45%, so... ;)

This is good news :)

I have two questions:

1) What happened to the tutorial section? I played it before but it's been a while and I didn't expect the tutorial to disappear...

2) What does the claw icon near the top right do? Seems to be a toggle of some sort, but it doesn't seem to do anything and toggles off automatically when you advance.


I can answer those :)

1) Each tutorial only appears once! Once it's been fully seen it doesn't appear again. Putting in an option to either toggle tutorials off right off the bat or be able to see them again is on my to-do list.

2) The icon up there is Auto! The claw with puppet strings toggles Auto on and off, which auto-advances the text without you having to manually advance. When manually advancing, it gets turned off.

Oh, huh. I definitely saw the tutorial multiple times on the first run, but maybe that's because I was reloading saves. I started a new game this time, but I guess it remembered that I had done the tutorial last year :P.

This is so good!

(1 edit)

Nice, I cant wait for the next update. really enjoying this game

I downloaded the new update but it's still ends at the same time (after being with the tiger) did this happened with anyone?

Hmm, strange! Which version are you playing? PC, Mac or Android? As far as I've tested, it's working as it should

it's the pc version, but I erased everything and downloaded again so now it's working, maybe it was something on my pc that went wrong


I'm glad! :)


Good shit as always!

(1 edit) (+1)

Android version was what I was waiting for thanks!!

Amazing job with the game and love the story and writing so far. Not to mention the clean art style really pulls it together.

Damn, theres only one update and another patreon goal for sleth is almost reached 0.o


i give in its time i become a patreon


desperately waiting


Is there going to be a mobile version soon?


Yes! The android version is already up and running in update 2, but right now update 2 is only available for Patreon supporters for early access. In a few weeks, it will be made public and with it, full android support will come!


This is pretty cool


Just finished playing this and decided to become a patreon.  Very well written and I can't way to seethe outcomes of the 'influence' we can do. 

Version number got me thinking it was further along than it is.

Is that future mechanic going to be some other method of choices?  Or do you mean an expansion of what we've seen so far?  Or yet something else?


An expansion of what we've seen so far is a good way to put it! There are some ways that we'll expand the methods of choices you will have that I think are pretty plain to see. This new one isn't quite as plain, and it's very important for the story as well!


I finally made the connection why you seemed so Familiar. I played the Completed Version of "The Mage's Tower" Game on Furaffinity quite some time ago and I marked it as a Fav so going back to it I decided to check out your Profile and saw you also made this!

Well no wonder I liked this so much then I was already a fan of your work. Really amazing work here looking forward to more from you Sleth.

(1 edit) (+4)

Just started the vn already Loving it❤️

But pls make the Game available for Download on Android thx


Love the art and sprites! Despite being a solider, can't help but have some mannerisms of a farmer, but coupled with being a wolf, it does make sense!  Lest he bite on something he shouldn't! XD

The choice system of being an observer that can influence things, is one of the key elements of idea behind if I made a VN with the characters I have purposed for it.

My desire for playthrough is to remain undetected, make things natural, but only surge forth in desperate moment of need to help protect those he loves and cares for.  A demon (or other entity) can care about their harem, but neither does their harem have to be enslaved to their own whims.  Long game and satisfaction, over immediate urges and desires, this is what separates a smarter demon from a lesser one.


For the first encounter, I really do appreciate the "extreme" option. It feels a lot more fleshed out than something I would've seen in other Itch.io visual novels and it really makes this game stand out. If I can make Ress this depraved, then I have very high expectations for the rest of this game.

Take your time and do NOT get overwhelmed with the deadlines. This is a marathon, not a sprint! I cannot wait for the next update.


wonderful work, sleth and blain! this is a promising VN that i think many will be keeping an eye out on ;-) keep it up!


ohhh, i very much like this VN style, where you cant directly influence actions and choices, but you can manipulate the characters' lust and feelings instead to coax them into certain actions and ways of thinking <3 <3 i am also a huge fan of demonic and sexual-corruption themes too, and i love the idea of slowly sluttifying this proud wolfy and his friends by carefully running their lust up <3 <3 <3 i'm very much a fan of what you've got for this game so far and look forward to following it as Resnick's story and relationships with his sexy friends progress! i also LOVE all the sprites that accompany the story, those facial expressions are absolutely great for all the cute and wholesome conversation as well as the sexier happenings as well, they look so cute when they're naked and blushy <3 <3 <3 only thing i think should be added in terms of the artwork are "covered in jizz" sprites for some of the orgasm scenes, as that would both match the text of the hot sex scenes better, and visually look really hot <3 <3 <3

i hope there are different endings planned too! and hope you dont mind a suggestion in that regard! i would personally be a huge fan of a "Demonic Good" ending for Resnick where he physically and mentally transforms into a manifestation of the Lust demon inside him and has heavily given into his lustful desires and instincts, but is also still fundamentally a good person at heart who protects his friends and his squad with his demon powers against a greater threat or something, while still being a horny lust-demon ^w^ <3 <3 <3

just a suggestion as i'm sure youve already got your story-routes planned for this, but i'm a big fan of demons ending up as the "good-guy" while still indulging in their horny base instincts lol ^w^


i just want more


This was really good, can't wait for more!

Entonces no existe problemas en hacer gameplay del juego en youtube?


I have no problem with youtube gameplays at all! I'm aware, however, that YouTube in particular is not a fan of visual pornography and I have no plans to add censorship options to the game just yet (but maybe at some point!).

So, feel free to do whatever you like, I'm totally fine with it, but it's up to you!

Don't worry, I know how to deal with that, so I'll just proceed to enjoy the game, thanks for reading my message and replying to me :3

This is great! :D Xou're very good at not just structuring the pace of the story, but I like how xou introduced the characters :)

The sprites are soops cute, the overall vibe is great, and I love how xou've incorporated "Memories" to add additional information :p

And I am eteeernally greatful for the animal genitalia~! UwU while I have no problem with furries having human-shaped jiggly-bits, I personally prefer anthros to have appropriate anatomy :3

Will xou be continuing this trend with the other characters? Pleeease tell me we will see a bear-esque boner T_T?

Xou've done an amazing job with xour VN, it's refreshingly unique and I love the premise :) keep up the good work! >.</


Bro, you ruined my NNN


This first build is pretty short but I have to say - I'm excited to see what you might do with the mechanics you've established!


is Resnick bi or gay ?


Sounding like bi.  At least since our arrival.


Pretty heckin fun so far, keep at it, :D

Would there be a 32.bit  version?


Sorry, the engine I work with does not support generating an older 32-bit build so I don't think this is feasible


I am looking forward to more. Looks great!


Promising first build! the idea of being a lust demon influence the others characters is also refreshing


Totally Agree. 

Most  VN got a "protagonist" that is obnoxious, useless, boring, whimp and/or over the top emotinal/dramtic.


Is a human as well XD


i'm a fan of all your stories and this is no exception


yup, this promise to be the start of something really good ! I can't wait ! It's really well written, and the system is original, it will be very interesting to play :p


A great start to the vn! I really like the third person aspect of it and most existing vns are self-insert. It seems like you have a lot of experiences writing smut so i will look into those while i wait for the next build. :3

Tbh you can consider this one a self insert too, you being the demon and all but it's definitely way different than other vns. I guess it's a bit easier to self insert as a ditzy teen than a lust demon lol

Personally I think we still don't know much because we just "woke up" basically. Who knows how if we'll get to interact more or not.

Is there a discord server?

Yes, for Patrons :)

This! Official discord server with me and all is connected to Patreon support and that's all there is for now. :3

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